Many women approach marriage with the hope to having the fruits of their womb, which is the most precious gift of motherhood.

A year, 2 years, or more have passed, and every effort to become pregnant proves futile.

If you are in this shoe, don’t give up as a lot of factors can contribute to infertility including tubal blockage, even the problem may come from your spouse.

If you are finding it difficult to conceive, visiting a standard hospital should be your priority, so as to know where the problem lies.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Tubal Blockage, Uterine Disorder, Disorders of the Ovaries and Endocrine System are causes of Female Infertility.

So If you discover in the hospital that the issue is from your part, one or more of these can be causal factors and proper diagnosis would be made.

At the same time, the National Institute of Health (NIH) stated in one of her research that blocked fallopian tubes account for about 30-40% of female infertility, which calls for a concern.

Truly, many women are battling with tubal blockage and experiencing increasing frustration every day, but rest assured that we are here to take you through the journey and make tubal blockage a forgettable experience.

Why Is It Difficult To Conceive With Tubal Blockage?

Fallopian tubes are parts of the female reproductive system that collect eggs from the ovaries and grant entry to the sperm cells so that fertilization takes place. After, the fertilized egg implants to the uterus (womb).

As the name implies “Fallopian Tube”, they are tube-like structures with opening at each end. As described, any blockage implies abnormality which alters the functions of the fallopian tube. This in turn leads to infertility.

In case of blocked fallopian tubes, the egg released by the ovary during ovulation doesn’t move to the fallopian tube. With this event, the women in this condition experience conception difficulties.

Impacts of Blocked Fallopian Tubes on Women

Blocked fallopian tubes are not without negative effects as emphasized earlier. Some of them are:

  • Infertility: Tubal blockage is a silent enemy which invades often without warning. Also, It doesn’t usually come with noticeable signs. This is why many women get to know they have blocked fallopian tubes after futile efforts of trying to conceive.
  • Risk of ectopic Pregnancy: A woman with tubal blockage has the tendency to have ectopic pregnancy. Instead of the fertilized egg to implant to the uterus, it inhabits in the fallopian tube. Consequentially, this can result to rupture which is life-threatening to the woman.
  • Pelvic pain: One of the signs of blocked fallopian tube in women is pain around the pelvic region. In turn, this causes distress.
  • Emotional disturbances: The worries and disappointment associated with the women trying to conceive can cause emotional turmoil.

“Why Am I not Getting Pregnant” – Have you ever wondered?

Besides tubal blockage, variety of factors can cause infertility like irregular ovulation, endometriosis, and poor semen quality.

Similarly, increasing age, obesity, and smoking also contribute to infertility. In the light of this, ensure to visit a standard hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment. Hopefully, you will get pregnant.

Can You Conceive If You Have Tubal Blockage?

If both fallopian tubes are blocked, it is difficult for you to get pregnant.

Although if you use an assisted reproduction method, like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) (when successful), you can get pregnant.

While blocked fallopian tubes might be diagnosed to be your issue, there are some underlying causal factors, like PID. And you might have to go for treatment firstly to improve your chances of conception.

Also, formation of scar tissue and inflammation of the fallopian tube can contribute to Tubal Blockage. In case of this,

Check This Natural Remedy Out

Tubal Blockage Remedy Kit works to reduce inflammation and loosen twisted tissues that might cause blockage. Also, it protects the fallopian tube from infection and generally increases the chances of natural conception.

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On A Final Note

Understand that having a tubal blockage can be challenging. However, you need to seek medical interventions which can come in the form of surgery or natural medicine like Plan B Wellness. 

As you know, surgery comes with its own risks and effects. In contrast, Tubal Blockage Remedy Kit is a natural method which improves your chances of conceiving with tubal blockage. Check out the Tubal Blockage Remedy Kit now and see what other women are saying about it.

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