7 Steps to Get Pregnant with Tubal Blockage

7 Steps to Get Pregnant with Tubal Blockage

In this write-up, we shall address the 7 steps to get pregnant with tubal blockage or damaged fallopian tubes and overcome the challenge.

Blocked fallopian tubes are common among the many possible causes of infertility in women. It is responsible for about 40% of infertility in women.

Typically there are no symptoms, but several risk factors might raise the likelihood of getting this disease. So, it is very important to identify the problem and begin effective fallopian tube blockage treatment.

Before we delve into the steps, let’s first understand some thing about tubal blockage.

How does Blocked Fallopian Tubes Prevent Pregnancy?

how tubal blockage prevents pregnancy

Fallopian tubes play an important part in pregnancy. On each side of the uterus, there are two thin tubes called fallopian tubes.

These tubes carry a mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus, where it may be fertilized. The fertilized egg then move towards the uterus for implantation.

The chances of conceiving are considerably reduced if the fallopian tubes are injured or obstructed.

Again, it’s possible that the fallopian tubes are just partially obstructed and this may increase the chance of an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tubes. These pregnancies aren’t viable and might result in significant medical issues.

Explained below are 7 steps to overcome the challenge of blocked or damaged fallopian tubes and get pregnant.

Step 1 – Understand How Fallopian Tubes can be Damaged or Blocked

understanding tubal blockage

As the first step to getting pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes, it is important to determine the cause of tubal blockage and tube damage to avoid re-occurrence.

The fallopian tubes are fragile organs that are as thin as a pencil lead. As a result, they are prone to become obstructed or damaged, resulting in tubal sterility.

Conversely, blockages may be due to scarring from infection or previous abdominal or pelvic surgery especially when the fallopian tubes or ovaries were involved.

The main cause of tubal blockage, however, is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Which is also associated with an increased risk of subsequent ectopic pregnancy.

Also, one of the causes of fallopian tube damage is the use of the intra-uterine contraceptive device (contraceptive “loop”), especially when there is more than one sexual partner.

Uterine fibroids may also cause tubal blockage but this depends on the size and location of the fibroids as they may prevent the passage of fertilized egg into the uterus from the fallopian tube.

Other possible causes include endometriosis and sexually transmittable disease such as gonorrhoea resulting in infection of the fallopian tubes.

Step 2 – Recognize Symptoms of Tubal Blockage and Find Out your Diagnosis

diagnosis of tubal blockage

Symptoms of a blocked fallopian tube are uncommon; in fact you may not have any symptoms. Many women are unaware that their tubes are obstructed until they try to conceive and are unsuccessful.

For instance, blocked fallopian tubes can cause mild, consistent pain on one side of the abdomen in some situations. This generally occurs as a result of a blockage.

This happens when a blocked fallopian tube fills with fluid and expands. Symptoms of conditions that might lead to a blocked fallopian tube can occur on their own.

Endometriosis, for example, frequently causes painful and heavy periods as well as pelvic pain. It might put you in danger of having your fallopian tubes clogged.

Nevertheless, take tests to analyze your symptoms. Make an appointment with a doctor if you do not get pregnant after trying for about a year. If you are over 35, do not wait a whole year. Make an appointment six months into regular unprotected sex.

The results of these tests may show that you have one or two blocked fallopian tubes. After that, ask your doctor about the degree of obstruction.

A specific diagnosis, perhaps, will help to determine the best treatment plan for your tubal blockage.

Step 3 – Decide on Treatment Plan

decide treatment plan on tubal blockage

If it has been established that your fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged, there are several options for treatment to enable you get pregnancy.

Options go from surgery, to the use of antibiotics, natural remedies and medications to ease egg movement or stimulate ovulation as well as IVF treatment.

Let’s examine the major options one by one.

1. Tubal Surgery

Depending on the position of the damage or blockage and the severity of the damage. It may be possible to repair a fallopian tube. You might want to check with your doctor for the best possible surgical option for you. Meanwhile, do not forget to ask about the likely adverse effects too.

2. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

This treatment plan was originally developed for women with damaged or missing Fallopian tubes.

In the simplest terms, IVF treatment is a process of assisted reproduction where the egg and sperm are fertilized outside of the body to form an embryo. Then transferred to the uterus to hopefully implant and become a pregnancy. The entire process bypasses the fallopian tubes.

However, IVF treatment is not a single event, but rather a series of procedures that are completed over five stages to complete a treatment cycle. You should also bear the cost in mind and the fact that IVF is generally a game of probability.

3. Natural Solution

Natural solutions, such as the one here, offer better and efficient alternatives regardless of how severe your case may be. Check your options and make a decision. You could face different proposals depending on your case.

However, regardless of the blockage severity, here is what we propose:

Natural Remedy For Blocked Fallopian Tubes



We go the way of natural and organic remedies only. If not for anything, you have the assurance that there would not be any adverse effect by making use of it, unlike a surgical procedure.

This Tubal Blockage Remedy has helped a lot of women in different countries around the world.

See an examples below;

You too can get this remedy from where ever you are around the world. We deliver worldwide to your doorstep.

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Step 4 – Start Your Treatment and Complete it

start your treatment on tubal blockage

A healthy fallopian tube is able to carry a mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. At least one of the tubes should be open for a successful conception.

Our tubal blockage remedy kit treats all cases of fallopian tubes obstruction and consists in a therapy that simply requires oral consumption.

Click on the link above to discover it. Whether you have been booked for surgery, left with one fallopian tube, or suffering from infection, it is a better alternative to consider.

Step 5- Rest and Keep a Good Lifestyle

rest and keep a good lifestyle

It’s easy to be all-consumed by the physical and emotional effort involved in undergoing fertility treatments, but try to make some time for the things and people you love.

Resting and a healthy lifestyle are your best recommendations when going through fertility treatment. It helps clear your head, better process your emotions, and re-energize yourself to continue the journey.

Step 6- Check the Progress of Your Treatment

evolution of treatment

Monitor the progress of your treatment. Keep a close eye on the effect of your treatment on your tubes health and fertility health in general.

At Plan B Wellness, to make sure your therapy goes on well, we guide you on diet and lifestyle changes that will directly help you recover fast. 

Expect to hear from one of our in-house experts once in a week via calls/whatsapp/email. We also offer a personalized dietary plan recommended for you based on your lifestyle and personality. 

We go this extra mile for you to ensure that you get the best out of the Remedy.

It is important you make sure the option you choose helps. For that purpose, if your option allows it, go to the clinic for frequent pelvic exams to make sure you are going the right way.

Step 7 –  Plan for Conception

plan for conception

Go back to planning for pregnancy. Make sure you ovulate properly and keep in check your fertility period.

To better understand how to plan for pregnancy, refer to our guide on secret of fertility charting.

If you are having a mild difficulty ovulating, try our ovu boost herbal combo, this will help you achieve regular ovulation and increase your chance of natural conception.

In addition, if your spouses are experiencing low libido or any form of erectile dysfunction. click on the link below to overcome it and have your fantasies come real.

Opti-Man herbal Combo

We hope you found this helpful!

If you need any assistance regarding tubal blockage, or questions about this write-up or any other female infertility challenges, do not hesitate to contact us.

Use the comment box below to ask your questions about Fallopian tube blockage or female infertility in general. Our team of experts is always available and ready to help.

Stay healthy and never give up!

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  1. Saidah sanya
    February 14, 2023

    What are the chances of the fallopian tube blockage of both sides open after a long time blockage and what are the originality of the products. Have tried various types of products but didn’t get results

    1. -
      February 15, 2023

      Thanks for your comment madam.
      The chances of the blocked tubes opening depends on the cause of the blockage in the first place. If you can share your medical report of the tubal blockage diagnosis with us via whatsapp (08099666648, 08099666658) or via email (consult@tubalblockageremedy.com.ng), we will be able to specifically advise you.

      As for the originality of the products, our products are original and efficient as claimed.

      You can read more on how our tubal blockage herbal products help to open blocked fallopian tubes on http://www.tubalblockageremedy.com.ng/tubal-blockage

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